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Logo Design

A logo identifies your business in its simplest form. It’s a must have as the foundation for your brand and often makes the first impression. Our process is simple — discover, create, deliver. We’ll work within the bounds of your budget to develop a unique and memorable logo mark that will grab attention and set you apart from your competition.

5 types of logos

The possibilities
are endless

An infinite variety of shapes and personalities  allow us to design your logo as one-of-a-kind. Cookie cutters are for cookies — not your logo. 

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Also know as a logotype, wordmarks are a typographical representation of a company and include no icons, symbols or other imagery. Wordmarks are especially popular logo choices for tech, media, fashion, and food.


Like a logomark, a lettermark is comprised of text only, relying on initials or an acronym to represent a brand. Lettermarks are often developed as a monogram. Examples include the logos for General Electric and Volkswagen.


Emblem logos combine images with text, often within a frame or border — emblem elements are inseparable from one another. Emblems are popular with sports teams, universities and car manufacturers.

Pictorial Mark

Pictorial marks, or brand marks, are immediately recognizable images that have been simplified and stylized to represent a company or brand. Examples of pictorial marks include the logos for Apple, Twitter and Target.

Abstract Mark

An abstract mark is often strategically ambiguous and uses abstract images to convey an idea and express something specific about a brand or company. An example of an abstract mark is the Nike swoosh or Pepsi logo.